Hiking and canoeing

Häme Lake Uplands area covers over 200 kilometres, with 180 km of bridle paths, 350 km of cycle trails and a canoeing network 80 km long.

In Loppi municipality you’ll find the Poronpolku hiking trail network and the Punelia and Kaartjoki canoeing networks. The Poronpolku trail network covers about 30 km with a range of options: 5 km, 13 km, 18 km, 24 km and 30 km. The Punelia canoeing route is about 10 km long and runs mainly through Lake Punelia. The Kaartjoki canoeing route is about 10-12 km depending on where you start and is suitable for beginners.

There is also a printed map of outdoor activities in the Häme Lake Uplands area. The map includes rest spots, campfire spots and overnight shelters, restaurants and accommodation, services, riding stables, landing spots, beaches and many more tourism services and sights.


Tammela, one of the most beautiful parts of Häme
The municipality of Tammela is located in Häme Lake Uplands, known as the most beautiful part of the Häme region.

Saari Folk Park and the Lake Liesjärvi and Torronsuo marshlands national parks offer plenty of opportunities for exploring the natural world and for rambling.

The Häme Visitor Centre is a great place to study the bog landscape of Southern Finland and find information about Liesjärvi and Torronsuo national parks, Häme Lake Uplands and hiking options in the region.

The historic road Hämeen Härkätie runs to the village of Porras, which used to be an important intersection and the administrative centre of the area. The route from Porras to the centre passes the outdoor recreation area Saari Folk Park, a beautiful slice of the Tammela countryside.


Wilderness close to urban centres
The Häme Lake Upland is a wilderness-like gem of nature in the centre of the municipality of Häme and conveniently close to Finland’s busiest urban centres. The Häme landscape is a wonderful place to experience the tranquillity of nature, a true wilderness spirit and the flutter of history’s wings. The area’s grand landscape and crystal clear lakes with natural sandy shores are also a source of rejuvenation.

The Häme Lake Uplands indeed offer the ideal destination for varied outdoors activities, visitors can hike, canoe, swim and enjoy the beauty and quiet of this clean landscape. The magnificent landscape is perfect for hikes lasting from one day to several. The area’s marked trails and maintained campfire sites, good maps and other services help to make your oudoors experience a successful and pleasant one.

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