The best of rural living

Loppi combines the best aspects of peaceful natural surroundings, convenient living and closeness to larger cities.

Loppi is one of the growing municipalities in Southern Finland. Population is growing all the time, as is the number of summer residents. In this lovely area, there are even more summer cottages than year-round homes.

Loppi`s excellent transport links to the Helsinki area and other nearby cities have made it popular place to live. Your work may take you to a big city, but our convenient, safe living will bring you back to Loppi in the evening.

Loppi offers great outdoor activities. There are marked hiking and canoeing routes, clean natural waterways for swimming and fishing, and peaceful Finnish forests. Clearly marked paths and excellent maps mean you can explore the great outdoors safely.

Loppi has a variety of options for dining, overnight accommodation, activities, visitor attractions, and shopping. Enjoy our beautiful, clean-natural environment, high-quality tourism businesses and convenient services.

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