Räyskälä Airfield

The most popular activities at Räyskälä, the largest leisure airfield in the Nordic countries, are glider piloting and parachuting. The beautiful landscape around Loppi takes on a totally new dimension when seen from a couple of kilometres in the air.

The Räyskälä Airfield motel offers total of 60 beds in rooms for 2 to 4 people.

The sauna has room for 30 people, and the “takkatupa” hut can hold up to 40 people for conference or evening events. Ice-hole swimming is another popular activity at the airfield. The airfield’s Air Cafe provides food and drink and is fully licensed.

Up, up and away
Get a safe introduction to glider flying with an instructor in a two-seater glider.
Learn the basics of glider flying, get up in the air safely with a flight instructor and experience the excitement of flying when you get a chance to take the controls of a glider in the skies over Räyskälä.

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